Name: Rod Sinclair
Country: Scotland Date: Sat May 8 12:15:08 2004
Comment: Hi, I was a Rifleman in Intake 163 in January 1979. I did my training at Llwellan Barracks and then was posted out to Inyanga to 3 Indep Coy RAR. I was in platoons for around 3-4 months, then was trained for Pookie driving which I did until my demob in January 1980. I did one territorial call up for the elections that saw the end of dear old Rhodesia. I did some bodyguarding work in Nyamandhlovu in 1983, then left for a new life in the UK. Really great to see the old barracks at Inyanga again.
Name: Andy Smith
Country: Australia Date: Tue Apr 13 07:12:03 2004
Comment: I'm the gobbie here as I only arrived at the tail end of 150/151. Remember "Stobies", Barney, Mad Mann and Farnie Veldskoen. and yes it was RSM Tattersall.
Stef was immortalised in 3 Indep legend as "Stoggie", a ghost that roamed the barracks. It was said that if you saw him, you would get slotted within 24hrs as he had come to warn you. Of the four men that saw him in 1977, I am the only one that made it past the 24 hrs, but I still carry the bullet they dug out of my chest webbing.
Name: dave gordon
Country: rsa Date: Sat Jan 10 08:07:42 2004
Comment: Hi to all hope the 147 guys had a good xmas and new year , went to a place up in Messina on the limpopo a small game farm hot as hell had too mony beers as allways . a few chaps came in the other day to my pub in germiston and the war stories were told for the thousandth time we all looked very old will get hh a picture soon . we need to use this site more as a chat line. nice to see you have settled well in australia al newland may see me one of these days in oz as i travel to japan dave g.
Name: Alastair Newland
Country: Australia Date: Sat Dec 27 08:18:36 2003
Comment: Been a while since visiting the site.PeteHH,sorry to have missed you on the way through Jhb.Know DaveG tried to get as many of the blokes together at short notice. Great to see the ones that came(after all these years)Snitch, Mitch, Savege
Alby,Alfie and a few others, sorry guys,names!!! I see all your faces.
PeteHH - any chance of correcting small entry in "Lest we forget " D De Courpalay, to Dave De Courpalay? Thanks.
Dave and Jean, When are we going to see you in Adelaide?
Name: dvae gordon
Country: south africa Date: Tue Dec 16 06:12:39 2003
Comment: well xmas is here and i recall some 27 years ago xmas at three indep 1976 , miss rhodesia was there jane bird and the general walls 147 was the intake at the time who was there dave gordon
Name: Ken Wilson
Country: England Date: Mon Nov 24 12:10:16 2003
Comment: Was based at 3 Indep with RIC.I think that Major Mann was OC and Roger Tattersall was RSM.What memories I have of that place.4RR were also based there.We had some great nights at the Montclair.Who remembers the gommo behind the camp...Black *** was the name of it and what a *** it was running up and down it every morning,nearly killed me but got rid of the hangover.
Name: Barry Zworestine
IP Address:
Country: Australia Date: Thu Nov 6 10:15:01 2003
Comment: I was Intake 150 stationed at 3 Indep. with Lt. Stobart Villaro's platoon.
Name: dave gordon
IP Address:
Country: sa Date: Wed Sep 17 13:08:56 2003
Comment: god hh it was time you got the guestbook running again typical of hq people well done . it look like time for a nother get together owns who is interested give me amail dave gordon
Name: Bugs Moran
IP Address:
Country: England Date: Sat Sep 13 09:49:53 2003
Comment: I served with the company between 1974/5 as "Goldfinger" when Major Wellburn and Lt Buttenshaw were OC and 2i/c. Any ex members living in the UK please e-mail me.