History of the R.R.



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The first named “Rhodesian Regiment” was formed for the relief of Mafeking
in 1899. For the First World War , 2 battalions were raised for the
African's Campaigns against the Germans in West and East Africa, they
disbanded in 1917, where some personnel rejoined the King's Royal Rifles
Corps and South African Regiments.
In 1926, the 1st and 2nd were reformed, as territorial Unit, respectively
Salisbury and Bulawayo. Three years later, the colours was given and the
Battle of honor were transferred from the “Old Regiment” :
- German South West Africa (1st Battalion)
- Kilimanjaro (2nd Battalion),
- Beho Beho (2nd Battalion)
- East Africa (2nd Battalion)

During the year 1934, a Rhodesian Air Unit joined the1st Battalion
at Belvedere Airport, in Salisbury. This unit became in 1939, the South
Rhodesia Air Force and Later N°237 Rhodesian Squadron.
At the out break of Second World War , the Order of Battle of the Rhodesian
Regiment was Following:

Southern Rhodesia Command:

1st Battalion Rhodesian Regiment : Salisbury
-One Company Recruit,
-One Company Specialists,
-One Light Artillery Battery,
-one detached Company: Umbali.

2nd Battalion Rhodesian Regiment : Salibury,
-One Company Recruit,
-One Company Leader Training,
-One Company Specialists,
-Reconnaissance Company,
-One detached Company / Gwelo.

The 1st Battalion was transferred under 11th East Africa Infantry Division,
in the 25th Infantry Brigade, for Burma campaign .
The Rhodesian Regiment received the title “Royal “ in 1947, and allied
with the King's Royal Rifles Corps. During the Federation's years ,while
“the national service” was introduced , eight battalions were raised and a
training depot was established at Llewellin.
At the break up of the federation, 1963, the 3rd Battalion (Northern
Rhodesia) and 7th were disbanded. In 1970, Rhodesia left the Commonwealth,
the “Royal” tittle was suppressed and the Crown moved from the top to the
middle of the badge, and the lion with Elephant Tusk taken it place. But
of Territorial officers Keep the Rifles Green patrol Jacket, red piping on
the collar and black facing for ceremonies.
“Independent Companies” were raised in 1975 for the national
servicemen. Later they became “Independent RAR Companies”, some
Rhodesian African Rifles new recruits , African soldiers, were joined the
“Intake” for to be redeployed in Territorial Battalions. In 1977 the 1st
Battalion, raised a motorcycle Troop, strength of 7 or 8 men, could be using
as MG or Mortar section.
In the War, the Rhodesian regiment was serving as reinforcement and recce
mission supporting by the Armored car “Black Devil'” Regiment. In 1980, the
Rhodesian Regiment Became the Territorial Rifle Regiment, and in 1983 , it
was definitively disbanded.

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